Sunday, May 23, 2010

How to unsubscribe from Hotmail (MSN)?

Hey all, I want to delete my hotmail account. Can someone tell me how? Thanks. Remember, the first descriptive answer that solves my problem gets the 10 points for best answer! That is, if I remember! Thanks a bunch.
How to unsubscribe from Hotmail (MSN)?
If you don't log in for a certain period of time, I believe it's 30 days on Hotmail, they will automatically deactivate your account. I don't believe there's a way to delete your account entirely.
Reply:Now hotmail has to facility to close your account, Go to Account Summary %26gt; Settings %26gt; you can find a link as "Close your Account" (Under common tasks on the right), this will deactivate your account Immediately and will get deleted permanently after 120 days Report Abuse

Reply:you're welcome
Reply:Dont use it will be unuseable in a period of time.

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